A precocious hedgehog with her ambition set on a fashion design career. Adoria bounds through life with joy...and an emoji-speaking cockroach named Bobaroo.

Together, in a 5 part Instagram series, they explore the forest, gather materials and make luxe garments. The series culminates in a never-before-seen, all-animal-access runway show that the whole forest is angling to be a part of!

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Lana Lounsbury is a Canadian author/illustrator living in Victoria, BC who loves reading, Boston Terriers, reading, playing piano, audio books, regular books and fashion magazines. Don’t mention Cross Fit or you’ll be roped into hours of riveting conversation about hand calluses, PR’s and the worst Open workout you ever did. Do bring donuts to every meetup and I’ll do the same!

Lana has a Visual Arts degree from the University of Victoria and a background in feature writing for YAM Magazine and illustration for interior design. She is a member of the SCBWI.